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2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

AMT 220 - Concepts of Lean Manufacturing

Class: 3 Credits: 3
This course provides an understanding of the concepts used in improving the competitiveness of manufacturing and service companies. This course includes JIT, VACR, and TQM.

Course Topics:

  • Product design and CAD/CAM in the production system
  • Process planning and concurrent engineering
  • Production planning and control systems
  • Just-in-time and lean production
  • Quality programs for manufacturing
  • Inspection principles and practices
  • Inspection Technologies

Textbook information can be found on the Book Inn Web site www.sccsc.edu/bookstore
Required Materials:

  • Text Book
  • Common Classroom Materials
  • Microsoft Office

Grading System:
A 90 - 100
B 80 - 89
C 70 - 79
D 60 - 69
F 0 - 59
Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Consider how a customer defines value in a product or service purchased from a supplier.
  2. Demonstrate a knowledge of the methods of developing and mapping a value stream.
  3. Explain the three primary principles of Lean Mfg.
  4. Explain the principles and motivations of “Just In Time” manufacturing.
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of the Financial Metrics used to measure corporate performance.
  6. Demonstrate comprehension of the Closed Loop Model of Control Systems by drawing a model and explaining the function of all the components.
  7. Distinguish between the different tools used in Statistical Process Control.

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