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2018-2019 Catalog 
2018-2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

MAT 120 - Probability & Statistics

Class: 3 Credits: 3
This course includes the following topics: introductory probability and statistics, including organization of data, sample space concepts, random variables, counting problems, binomial and normal distributions, central limit theorem, confidence intervals, and test hypothesis for large and small samples; types I and II errors; linear regression; and correlation.

Prerequisite(s): Take MAT 102  or MAT 103  or MAT 153  with a minimum grade of “C”.
Course Topics:
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Probability
  • Discrete Probability Distributions
  • Normal Probability Distributions
  • Confidence Intervals
  • Hypothesis Testing with One Sample
  • Correlation and Regression

Textbook information can be found on the Book Inn Web site www.sccsc.edu/bookstore
Required Materials:
  • Texas Instruments TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator.
    Any other device must be approved by the instructor of the course.

Grading System:
A 90-100
B 80-89
C 70-79
D 60-69
F 0-59
Student Learning Outcomes:
  1. Summarize statistical data using appropriate statistics.
  2. Construct graphical representations of data sets.
  3. Calculate probabilities of events using appropriate counting, set, probability, or distribution rules.
  4. Calculate probabilities of events using symmetric, bell-shaped distributions.
  5. Construct confidence intervals or test statistical hypotheses about the population mean using symmetric, bell-shaped distributions.

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