May 25, 2024  
2024-2025 SCC Catalog 
2024-2025 SCC Catalog

Accounting with Information System Electives, AAS

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Program Start Date: Fall or Spring terms
Minimum Program Length: 64 academic weeks; 5 terms day or 5 terms evening; 67 credits
Program ID:  AAS.ACC-I
Curriculum Code: 35002

Program Description

Accounting with Information System Electives students develop the skills to analyze, record, summarize, and report accounting information, while also being able to generate reports from and maintain data within a standard database. A comprehensive study of financial and managerial software applications, basic programming and databases will include standard accounting principles, cost and budget analysis, automated accounting systems, corporate governance requirements, and financial reporting requirements.

Practical Experience

Students complete accounting simulations using microcomputers, develop accounting models using spreadsheet software, perform accounting applications using integrated accounting software and develop financial forecasts from historical analysis. Students develop problem-solving, interpersonal and communication skills.

Professional Opportunities

Accounting clerk, junior accountant, payroll clerk, accounting supervisor, junior cost accountant, tax preparer, public accountant, database technician, information system technician, computer technician, and financial database analyst.

Unique Aspects

The rationale for the Accounting with Information System Electives program is to fulfill the business community’s need for employees who can effectively handle a medium to large database while also possessing the skills to understand the financial requirements for the organization. Students will also be knowledgeable of security requirements for the database and new regulatory requirements related to corporate governance and financial reporting.

EEDA Career Cluster:

Government & Public Administration; Business, Management and Administration; Finance

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  1. Perform all functions of an accounting cycle by using a double-entry accounting system.
  2. Create financial statements and schedules in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).
  3. Interpret and analyze financial and managerial information for decision making.
  4. Construct a new information system based on needs analysis.
  5. Demonstrate ability to speak publicly, listen actively, and respond effectively.

Course Requirements

Total Credits: 67

Recommended Program Schedule

Listed below is the ideal grouping of courses in order by semester. This plan assumes a full-time schedule. Note, however, that many variables can affect this plan, and not every course is offered every semester. Please see your advisor to map out your own personalized progression toward graduation.

Second Semester

Third Semester

Fourth Semester

Total Credits: 67

** A grade of C or better is required.


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