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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog Archived

MUS 105 - Music Appreciation

Lecture Hours: 3 Lab Hours: 0 Credits: 3

Description: This course is an introduction to the study of music with focus on the elements of music and their relationships, the musical characteristics of representative works and composers, common musical forms and genres of various western and non-western historical style periods, and appropriate listening experiences.

Prerequisite(s): Take ENG 100  and RDG 100 .
Course Topics:
  • Overview of the basic terms and elements of music
  • Overview and classification of music instruments
  • Influence of culture on music
  • Historical survey of Western music from the Middle Ages to the present
  • Overview of representative composers of each period

Textbook information can be found on the Book Inn website
Required Materials:
  • Computer with Internet access
  • Word processing software (must be able to save in Word format)
  • Anti-virus software

Grading System:
An overall grade of C or higher is required for transferability.

A =  90 - 100
B =   80 - 89
C =   70 - 79
D =   60 - 69
F =     0 - 59

Student Learning Outcomes:
  1. Identify the basic elements of music including the sounds of different instruments and instrumental families.
  2. Distinguish the characteristics of various historical periods.
  3. Identify aural elements of music.
  4. Name and describe the contributions of great composers of different periods.
  5. Communicate the similarities and differences heard within multiple musical compositions.

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