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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog Archived

SUR 114 - Surgical Specialty Practicum

Lecture Hours: 0 Lab Hours: 0 Clinical Hours: 21 Credits: 7

Description: This course includes the correlation of the principles and theories of specialized surgical procedures with clinical performance in affiliated hospitals.

Course Topics:
  • Prepare Operating Room
  • Case Setup
  • Scrub Role
  • Circulating Duties
  • Postoperative Room Decontamination
  • Patient Preparation for Labor and Delivery
  • Decontamination, Preparation, and Sterilization of Supplies

Textbook information can be found on the Book Inn website
Required Materials:
  • Scrub Suits
  • Protective eye wear

Grading System:
Students must maintain a final overall average of 80. An average of less than 80 will prevent students from continuing in the program.

A = 90 - 100
B = 80 - 89
C = 70 - 79
D = 60 - 69
F =   0 - 59

Student Learning Outcomes:
  1. Prepare the operating room for the surgical procedure by obtaining all necessary supplies and equipment. 
  2. Set up a generic general case.
  3. Assist the surgeon when scrubbed by sponging, suctioning, cutting suture, holding retractors, manipulating endoscopic camera, and anticipating the needs of the surgeon. 
  4. Support the registered nurse when circulating.
  5. Support the decontamination of the room postoperatively.
  6. Assist in the preparation of the patient during labor and delivery.
  7. Demonstrate the tasks for decontamination, preparation, and sterilization of supplies used in surgery.

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