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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog Archived

ECD 132 - Creative Experiences

Lecture Hours: 2 Lab Hours: 3 Credits: 3

Description: In this course the importance of creativity and independence in creative expression are stressed. A variety of age-appropriate media, methods, techniques and equipment are utilized. Students plan, implement, and evaluate instructional activities.

Prerequisite(s): Take ENG 032  and RDG 100  with a minimum grade of C.
Corequisite(s): Take ECD 102  with a minimum grade of C.
Course Topics:
  • The Concept of Creativity and Promoting Creativity
  • The Concept of Aesthetics and Promoting Aesthetics Experiences
  • Children, Teachers, and Creative Activities (Developmental levels, DAP)
    Creative Environments
  • Play, Development, and Creativity
  • Using Technology to Promote Creativity
  • Art and Physical _Mental Growth
  • Art and Social-Emotional Growth
  • Developmental Levels and Art
  • Program Basics: Goals, Setting Up, Materials, and Strategies
  • Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Activities
  • Activities involving the Curriculum Areas
    • Dramatic Play and Puppetry
    • Creative Movement
    • Creative Language Experiences
    • Creative Science
    • Creative Social Studies
    • Creative Multicultural Curriculum
  • Making a Musical Instrument

Textbook information can be found on the Book Inn website
Required Materials:
  • Computer with Internet access to take quizzes online (if not taking them on campus)

Grading System:
An overall grade of C or higher is required for transferability.

A =  90 - 100
B =   80 - 89
C =   70 - 79
D =   60 - 69
F =     0 - 59

Student Learning Outcomes:
  1. Explain the value of creative experiences in a young child’s life. (NAEYC 5a, 5b)
  2. Utilize a variety of media, methods, techniques, and equipment to support age appropriate creative experiences for young children. (NAEYC 5b)
  3. Design creative activities for selected areas of the curriculum. (NAEYC 5a, 5b, 5c)
  4. Analyze the classroom environment for creative components. (NAEYC 5a, 5b, 5c)
  5. Plan, implement and evaluate a variety of activities to support age-appropriate experiences. (NAEYC 5a)

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